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A little history on Voodoo and how Venice Voodoo came to be:

The term Voodoo derives from the Dahomey word "Vodu" and means "spirit" or "deity". Voodoo collectively refers to a system of beliefs and practices that originated in Africa.

Through the prominent slave trade in the 18th and 19th centuries, Voodoo was exported to many other countries, including Haiti and North America. Through the years, these African beliefs have mixed with other cultural religious practices in ethnically diverse areas of southern Louisiana. In fact, modern Voodoo practice now incorporates many aspects of Catholicism. Voodoo practitioners believe in God (although they refer to him with a different name) and pray to their "loas" or spirits, some of whose identities coincide with Christian saints.

The American practice of Voodoo also sometimes involves aspects of Hoodoo, a religion that focuses on belief in Magick - the belief in our ability to exercise extreme influence over our surrounding environment. The practice focuses on our two primary but conflicting emotions, Love and Hate. The positive side of your feelings and emotions is termed Rada, also referred to as "White Magick", and can be used to benefit mankind and improve your life and the lives of those around you. Your angry or evil intuitions are referred to as Petro or "Black Magick" and geared towards causing harm to specific people or the environment that surrounds you. Either form of Magick can be powerful and influential, but remember a very basic principal – that, like the concept of karma, whether you expel good or bad energy, it always returns to its source in the same form.

Even in today's high tech, high paced, civilized society, we are all naturally attracted to the general concepts of Magick and understand a lot of its principals, possibly without even realizing it. The popularity of films like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are proof of our fascination with the different paths of good or bad that we may choose to take and what consequences will arise from these actions. Like Voodoo, most widely practiced religions focus on the existence & connection to supernatural spirits, the concept of good & evil and the use of symbols & manmade objects in traditional rituals.

To accomodate those legimately interested in controlling their own destiny, Venice Voodoo opened in 2001 and quickly spread it's magick across the United States and across the world. We invite you to learn the ways of magick.  You can also order other authentic magickal items through our Las Vegas based online store:  

Blessings Hope and Happiness,

Your friends at Venice Voodoo